January 23, 2019

2019 Seminar – Indiana Fairs & Festivals Convention

MiLBooM kicked off 2019 by joining the Indiana Fairs & Festivals Association annual convention. We were asked to do two seminars on the same topic: What’s Esports? Benefits and ROI of Video Gaming! We had 30 members in attendance to learn about Esports and we had another 30 give or take join us at our booth.

We elected to leave our electronics at home at this convention. Vernon just had knee surgery and the tech’s were going to run late. So, we showed some visuals of past events and posted a digital advertising display on OBS that circulated ongoing during the convention.

I’m posting our seminar for your review. Any questions or comments regarding our seminar please contact Vernon at MiLBooM Esports.

MiLBooM Esports presentation Both Mike Dahle and myself were on hand to share our insight. We also hosted a social media activation on Facebook to kick off the seminar and to share how it can work. Those who followed through received a t-shirt from us. Check out the activation on @MiLBooMEsports.  We intend to keep it up for others to view it.