Corporate Esports Road Rally

Corporate Racers “Start Your Engines”? It’s time for Greater Milwaukee’s Corporate Esports Road Rally. Our Corporate Road Rally is scheduled for February 28, 2018 starting at 3:00 pm ending at 9:00 pm. Join Us to kick off our GMAS Esports Championships.

Download our Corporate Road Rally flyer and recruit your best drivers to join your team then sign up for our Road Rally on our online Esports app.

Basic Format:

  1. 1-day Esports Road Race, pool play w/ elimination competition with double elimination Final Four
  2. Cost: $100 Team Entry Fee + Gamer Venue Gate Fee deadline of 2/21/2018, after reverts to Auto Show gate fees
  3. Up to 64 Corporate Teams. (Drivers must show corporate ID or be listed on LinkedIn). Confirmation made at Esports registration booth at Auto Show. Teams may play for corporate pride or Play for Auto Show’s charity.
  4. Rosters: Four (4) adult players per team. Corps may have up to (5) total teams enter with (2) teams on waiting list until Feb 20. We’ll add teams to round out the field (1st come, 1st serve). Waiting list will be posted on Esports Championships Facebook.
  5. Each match will be 2 racers vs 2 racers competing in a (2 lap) Time Trial w/ Best Combined Time Trial advancing
  6. Esports Game: Played on Forza 7, Track will be announced Race Day!

See our Corporate Rally link for complete rules.

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