Esports Collegiate Coaches Scouting Wisconsin High School Esports Championships

Come watch and cheer on Wisconsin’s “best” Esports high school gamers at the Milwaukee Auto Show February 28 from 4:30-9 pm. MiLBooM Esports is supporting the committed Esports high schoolers and their schools competing in the Wisconsin High School Esports Championships at the Milwaukee Auto Show by inviting a number collegiate Esports coaches in to scout out the wealth of Wisconsin Esports talent. Coaches are looking for those who can make grades, have a strong work ethic, and who have team spirit along with excellent hand-eye coordination, gamers who can read the game and who have the ability to compete. Coaches will be looking for talent that play Rocket League, League of Legends, Hero’s of the Storm, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and HearthStone.