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Welcome Gamers! 

If you are looking at our “game rules / format” post, you are considering participating in the World’s 1st Milwaukee Auto Show Esports Championships. We have received a large number of inquires about authentic gaming rules and format.  Our auto show Esports rules and format are listed here for your review.

Milwaukee Midterms

We elected to adapt our original tournaments offered when we learned Milwaukee schools have midterms the same week of our championships. Single day events gives everyone a better chance to participate.

Rocket League 

The rocket league tournaments are now one-day events played on the Wednesday and Thursday dates for high school and college teams respectively. If the number of competitors get beyond 8 teams then the tournament will expand to the original multi-date schedule to complete. The balance of scheduled Rocket League days of Friday and Saturday now include an open division (for all ages and skill level).

High School and College Age Tournaments

HS Rocket League & HS Smash (Wednesday, February 28)

We can add high school* and college exclusive events for all games we offer with Wednesday for high school and Thursday for college with enough interest. Drop us an email which your name, school, and interest to compete in one of the other games we are offering, and we’ll start a new division. We will post a list of players or teams naming their schools per game. Multiple players / teams can represent their school. We will run a tournament with three (3) school teams. With entry fee paid, while onsite with enough interest, we can start new games. It also will be easier for school teams present to participate in multiple games.

* We have enough interest to start a Wednesday High School Super Smash 4 division for singles and doubles. Same costs $10 per person applies and gamer gate discount deadline applies.

PC Games

Rocket League, HearthStone, Forza 7

Console Games

Smash*, Mario Kart 8*

  • We are asking all gamers to bring their own console controllers.
  • We are offering a $3 discount to those gamers if they bring their own console/monitor set-up for pre-registration only.

All Gaming Rules 

All rules are either from Wiki or derived from the official gaming websites that support tournaments.

Rules per Game

Auto Show Esports Championships Schedule

  • Wednesday February 28 (3-9 pm)
  • Thursday March 1 (3-9 pm)
  • Friday March 2 (1-9 pm)
  • Saturday March 3 (10 am-10 pm)
  • Sunday March 4 (10 am-6 pm)


  • We guarantee two (2) matches in all paid competitions.
  • See each set of rules for number of games per match and timing of each game or matches per rounds.
  • Pool means “round robin pool play” with single elimination playoffs. Double elimination format is applied to Rocket League tournaments, and time permitting to the final four positions of select single elimination events, only if it’s announced prior to the start of the tournament.  
  • Competition size is matched to auto show schedule each day. All events will finish as close to on time as possible.
  • Team entries can be either single player, two players or three players.
  • Rocket League is a team of 3 players. All other games can be either single or two player teams.
  • After each finals match, “final four” teams are requested to stick around for Championship award presentations with photo shoot.
  • It’s MiLBooM’s intention to offer partial scholarship final four awards to school age teams. See our website for our nfp mission. All awards will be delivered in check form.

Free Play – Friendlies

With pre-registration only, MiLBooM will provide one (1) game for auto show attendees to enjoy “FREE PLAY”. Participants may only play one game per turn then go wait in line for each additional turn. Registered free play gamers may play as often as desired, but only one game per turn. Paid gamers pay participate under the same rules of those enjoying the “free play” game of the day. Andrew from MiLBooM will select the free game of the day each morning.

Paid gamers who have completed matches and who are waiting for tournaments to advance, may play friendlies (friendly matches) with other “paid only” gamers. All friendly matches will immediately discontinue once the tournament director calls for next round play. No friendlies may be played during final four matches and above. When new tournaments start all friendlies from previous tournaments discontinue with focus on next event.

MiLBooM’s Stadium Seating Rules

Anyone may sit in the stadium seating. The seating may not be moved, unless a member of MiLBooM’s team moves the chair to better the event. For attendees / gamers, we have a “No Eating or Drinking” policy in the stadium seating area. You will be asked to leave the stadium with your things and return when finished. Only MiLBooM staffers will be allowed to eat in the stadium, no questions asked.

MiLBooM reserves the right to add or adjust the rules and format as necessary to best serve the auto show, the gamers, and to better the event for all concerned.

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