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Let's celebrate the exciting world of Esports together.

We at MiLBooM Esports enable fans, brands, events, and venues to live in the same space that Millennials do and connect live with them through Esports. Our agency develops Esports experiences and partners with shows, conventions, festivals, concerts, and tours to strengthen brand and attendee relationships. We develop Esports Stadiums and attractions, create Esports concepts, and forge collaborative partnerships with events and venues. We live stream select gaming for gamers, fans and sponsors enabling them to view, participate and socially share their games and all the branding that supports it. Our newest division Esports Pro serves the best and brightest Esports industry professionals in growth, development, and prosperity. Lastly, our non-profit division supports Esports education. Through "learn, social, play and compete", our mission is to positively influence young people in our community with the hopes of helping Esports student athletes to achieve a college degree for a chance to become productive in life.

  • Creative Esports Concepts

  • Esports Rentals

  • Festival, Events & Venues

  • Coaches, Athletes, Mgmt Pros

MiLBooM's Esports Team

Meet The Team

Vernon P Chmielewski

Visionary, Servant Leader, Founder, CEO, Coach, Mentor, Sponsorship Sales. Gamer: Rocket League, Hearthstone, Splendor, Scrabble, Volleyball
Visionary, Thought Leader, Serves the Sports & Entertainment Industry, Pursuit of Excellence. Ohio U PMSA, GWC BA Psych & BS Ed, Brand Mgmt, Total Event Mgmt, NCAA DI Collegiate Volleyball Player. Professional Esports Management: Coaches, Commentators, Streamers

Michael Dahle

Esports Director & Tech Support, Mentor, Gamer: League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, & Hearthstone
Now Instructional Design, Former Business Education Teacher. Pioneer for Wisconsin state-wide Esports high school leagues and conference.

Frank Vance

Sports Broadcast Director / Production Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Volleyball, Gamer: Pac-Man
29 year veteran Sports Director / Producer *1994 to Present *1991,’92,’93 ESPN Local Sports Producer of the Year Nominee *Chicagoland Local Emmy Award Winner (1992) Game of the Week, (1993) Western Open Preview Show *1989-1994 – Sports Director over 500 college/HS games w/ WCIU – TV Cablevision Network *Sports Photographer/Reporter (ABC) 1988-89 (NBC) 1987-88 Co-owns EganVance Insurance in Chicago: individual health, life, disability –

Bill Sanders

Streaming Specialist, Mentor, Coach, Gamer: 2-time SLG National Champion – League of Legends (Chicago Force) 2017-18, HearthStone
GM / Co-Owner of Record Head, Inc. Milwaukee, Streamer with Impact Gaming, Owner of Sensible Solutions LLC, Black Label DJs

Sales Team Manager

Sponsorship Sales & Service Sales
Seeking fun, energetic sales consultant. Grow our core business. Build/oversee a sales team. Develop Sales Strategies, Programs. Lead by example. Close Sales. Trustworthy. Gaming passion. Support teams. Teachable moments.

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Social Media Team
Develop databases: players for event clients, sponsorship. Identifies revenue streams. Supports streaming all gaming we do, competition and play. Supports onsite tournaments.

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Business Development Team
We are seeking a business development manager to create, build, engage, grow our core business and discover new revenue building programs.

Andrew Baker

Special Projects Tech Services, Mentor, Gamer: Half Life 2, CS:GO
Technology Director for Culver Library, IVY Technical Institute, Passionate Gamer

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Sponsorship Sales & Activation Consultant
Brand, Marketing & Experiential Marketing Expert. Integrated marketing communications, Content & Social Media, Events,

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