November 15, 2017

Creative Concepts

MiLBooM Esports Attractions

Our custom designed mobile Esports gaming venues can be rented along with our lead technical manager and staff. They will be responsible for managing all the gaming through the course of your rental and our staff will set-up & strike our mobile venue. Set-up time is approximately 15 hours and strike is approximately 6-7 hours. Rental price will include round-trip trucking.

MiLBooM’s Mobile Venue 
Our small functional gaming display offers 10′-12′ overhead viewership on a 10′ high x 20′ wide floor standing truss system featuring four (4) 50″ big screen LG TVs. This display has two (2) consoles with four (4) controllers each along six (6) customer designed gaming computer stations. Fourteen (14) Fan can be participating simultaneously. The initial space offered for this display was a 10′ x 20′. We maximized the visual aspect with our overhead truss by placing it at the back of the booth and the console podiums were placed at the opposite corners to maximize viewership. We managed attendees with a central  registration front mini-counter and a player check-in area who were waiting for their turn. Retail displays can also be setup near player check-in areas to see and purchase the latest peripherals.

This first display was for MFEA (Michigan Festivals & Events Association) Convention in November, 2017.

MiLBooM is setup to work with a variety of popular games including:

  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Rocket League
  • HearthStone 
  • MarioKart 8
  • Counter-Strike:GO
  • Coming Soon…
    • Forza 7
    • League of Legends
    • Overwatch
    • Project Cars 2
    • Halo
    • Call of Duty
    • Dota2
    • Hero’s of the Storm

Our second Display was intended for two different
Car Shows (2018).

Our larger displays incorporate a larger scoped multi-tiered truss system with added gaming big screens, more consoles, and more gaming computers are all customer designed to embrace the environment we are working with. Our sister company HoosierFestival, offers access to a mobile stage system in support of outdoor promotional tours, music festivals, and street festivals.

We have crafted several other attraction displays for shows, conventions and festivals that requested a custom gaming fit.

If you have an interest in our custom attraction being at your event or an Esports partnership to avoid stagnation, contact us at MiLBooM, so we can learn about your event’s marketing objectives and craft a plan for you too.