January 22, 2019

Wisconsin State Final High School Rankings – Esports Championships

In February / March of 2018 we served the Milwaukee Auto & Truck Show by bringing an Esports experience to the show. The goals were to offer a unique attraction to the auto show while inviting the college student buyers to see the cars. We learned that most of the universities and area colleges had mid-terms during those 10 days of the show, coupled with the fact that no purse investment was made to attract college clubs or varsity Esports teams in, challenged MiLBooM further. We advanced our direction by inviting 137 area high schools, their representatives, and their families to participate with us. MiLBooM then created the 1st Wisconsin High School Esports Championships and had seven high schools compete in Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. There was much hooping and hollering as the boys, coaches, and family members cheered each other on. Everyone was excited who participated and expressed appreciation for our showmanship. Winners received school trophies and a scholarship check.

We designed the event Logo posted in the upper right hand corner of this article tie the auto show into the gaming. Many competitors commented positively about it.

Throughout the show, we offered sponsored free play to all of those who found us at the show. Young and old enjoyed complimentary gaming over the four days. Games offered included Forza 7, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Mariokart 8, and HearthStone.

Out of our efforts, the first Wisconsin High School Esports league was formed, something we proudly helped to bring awareness to its successful start-up.

Special thanks to: Mike Dahle, for his tournament direction, the president of the (WiHSEA) Wisconsin High School Esports League, and Bill Sanders, 2-time (2017-18) Super League – League of Legends Champion, and Andrew Baker “super tech” for their dedication in serving our event.

See more photos of our Esports Experience at MiLBooM’s Facebook page.

Below are the final rankings for the HS competitors. We thank everyone for their participation.

Final State Rankings Player High School Smash 4
1st Ahmet Seggo Hamilton HS
2nd Ethan Pfister Hamilton HS
3rd Steven Voss Hamilton HS
4th Alex Teerlinck Hamilton HS
5th Tie Joe Kebis Hamilton HS
5th Tie Tyler Kebis Hamilton HS
7th Tie Nicholas Lisowski Wauwatosa East HS
7th Tie Simon Ackaouy Hamilton HS
9th Tie Alex Menne Arrowhead HS
9th Tie Noah Wartenluft Arrowhead HS
9th Tie Shane Johnson Hamilton HS
12th Tie Ben Frehr Hamilton HS
12th Tie Logan Mumper Hamilton HS
12th Tie Luis Gomez Hamilton HS
 Final Rankings  Team  High School Rocket League
1st Smash Mouth Wauwatosa East HS
2nd MDM B’Easts Brookfield East HS
3rd ThunderStryke Elkhorn HS
4th Rocketeers Wauwatosa East HS
5th Tie AHS Esports Arrowhead HS
5th Tie Sharp Miter Pius XI Catholic HS