MiLBooM Expands into Esports Representation

The founder of MiLBooM Esports, has expended the business once more to include an Esports representation agency services. Vernon Chmielewski has served as the president of Command Performance Sports for 19 years representing over 55 professional basketball athletes and two senior Argentina basketball coaching and Olympic program senior executives. “There is a sincere need for representation in Esports to insure the Millennial professional Esports athlete and Esports event management professionals are receiving fair market value for their expertise and services. One of MiLBooM’s first client includes Michael Dahle, Wisconsin’s High School Esports Director and consultant to the Milwaukee Bucks Esports Team Bucks Gaming. Our list of careers include the following.

  • Professional and Collegiate Coaches
  • Professional Esports Athletes
  • Professional Esports Team’s seeking sponsorship
  • Shoutcasters
  • Streaming Professionals
  • Video Directors / Producers

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