MiLBooM’s Seminar at Indiana’s Fair & Fest Assoc Convention about Esports ROI

MiLBooM Esports is breaking new ground again! MiLBooM headed a seminar: What’s Esports? The benefits and ROI of Esports, at Indiana’s Fair & Festival Association annual convention hosted in Indianapolis in early January 2019. Convention attendees comprised of 1700 fair, festival, and venue board members, marketing and management directors seeking new ideas, building camaraderie, and sharing experiences.

MiLBooM’s CEO Vernon Chmielewski, kicked off the seminar with a social media promotion inviting attendees to go to MiLBooM’s Facebook page, find their attendee seminar invite and answer the questions online. At the end of the seminar they gave a t-shirt to everyone who participated in the online activation. This social media promotion kicks off what MiLBooM’s agency can do for events and venues. Their Esports presentation can be found online MiLBooM’s website.

MiLBooM is a sports & entertainment, marketing and management agency featuring Esports. We serve the under-served middle ground of Esports between the grassroots up to the professional ranks.

Just to give convention attendees an understanding read how a Texas community made a commitment in serving convention goers.