Wisconsin High School Final Rankings – Smash 4

Presented is our Super Smash Bros 4 The Wisconsin High School Final Rankings.

2018 State of Wisconsin Super Smash Bros 4 Final High School Rankings

The “Best of the Best” successfully competed at the Esports Championships held at the
2018 Milwaukee Car & Truck Show.

Final State Rankings Player High School Smash 4
1st Ahmet Seggo Hamilton HS
2nd Ethan Pfister Hamilton HS
3rd Steven Voss Hamilton HS
4th Alex Teerlinck Hamilton HS
5th Tie Joe Kebis Hamilton HS
5th Tie Tyler Kebis Hamilton HS
7th Tie Nicholas Lisowski Wauwatosa East HS
7th Tie Simon Ackaouy Hamilton HS
9th Tie Alex Menne Arrowhead HS
9th Tie Noah Wartenluft Arrowhead HS
9th Tie Shane Johnson Hamilton HS
12th Tie Ben Frehr Hamilton HS
12th Tie Logan Mumper Hamilton HS
12th Tie Luis Gomez Hamilton HS



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