February 16, 2019

Virtual VR Concepts

MiLBooM is dedicated to incorporate as much of today’s newest entertainment technology into our program offerings. The future is here with “virtual reality” (VR) and its the second most asked for experience by brands and fans alike next to Esports activities.

2019 will be MiLBooM’s inaugural VR season and we invite brands, events and venues to hire MiLBooM to create your own unique VR experience for your brand or organization.

Contact Vernon so we may learn of your marketing objectives and together we’ll build you a custom VR Stadium that will drive ROI and social awareness for you.

Each VR experience will run under a scheduled time limit to maximize attendee participation for a fee. Attendees will be able to enjoy a new experience offered daily during a multiple day event. This tactic will drive repeat business among those returning to the festival to enjoy another VR experience. Each booth will be separated by a mesh wall. Technology will be elevated and mounted to our truss that frames out each VR space for the most optimal performance. Custom lighting will be mounted inside the truss to create mood lighting to enhance attendee’s experience along with security lighting.

How Our VR Experiences Work

Set-Up / Strike Time
Average Set-up: up to 15 hours. Strike 6-7 hours.

To insure a successful MiLBooM VR events, clients must supply the basics: skirted tables, chairs, pipe and drape, stanchions, barricades for crowd control, security/storage, electric, and a dedicated internet service signal. Its understood that its our fee plus trucking and hotel accommodations during your events.

VR Sponsorship Opportunities
Let MiLBooM assist you in cultivating a successfully sponsored VR Experience. Our VR Experience will be the most exclusive value added sponsorship opportunity at your event or venue.
Every sponsor appreciates being at the forefront of today’s technology based lifestyle. MiLBooM keep them young, global, digital, and diverse.

  • Stadium Naming Rights,
  • Featured VR Experiences
    • Per Booth
    • Overall

MiLBooM VR Plans 

The following Plan Prices are for a 2-Day event application. Contact MiLBooM to discuss a longer engagement. Pricing is based upon $5,000 for each VR booth set-up applied per event. Cost includes: set-up/strike, and management of VR experiences. Travel and hotel expenses are additional.

2- Booths – $10,000
(2) VR 10’ x 10’ booths. Space needed 20′ x 20′

3- Booths – $15,000
(3) VR 10’ x 10’ booths. Space needed 20′ x 30′

4 – Booths – $20,000
(4) VR 10’ x 10’ booths. Space needed 20′ x 40′

6 – Booths – $30,000
(6) VR 10’ x 10’ booths. Space needed 20′ x 60′

8 – Booths – $40,000
(8) VR 10’ x 10’ booths. Space needed 20′ x 80′